Old & new


So the semester is over and the experiment in public blogging ends as well. Many thanks to Kait Brown, Kasandra Housley & Deb Durant for posting those delicious beginnings in November, and to all 32 students who posted their “typical campus breakfasts” (and the few who also actually posted their “atypical-day after-Thanksgiving breakfasts” like they were supposed to). We, as a class, populated a youtube channel to end the term with digital storytelling projects on, well, the anthropology of food: youtube.com/anthrofoodista.

Happy New Year, everyone!


I like to keep things simple for breakfast. I usually just have a bowl of cereal. Today I decided to have some Cheerios with milk. 



I rarely eat breakfast but on the weekends I generally have a peice of fruit.




This is a typical Ghanaian dish made of beans and rice with beef stew and I enjoy eating this in the morning.



This was one of my breakfasts during Thanksgiving break: bacon, egg and beans. Alot of the days I over slept and would have a bagel or heat up some of the left overs in the fridge.