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This is a typical Ghanaian dish made of beans and rice with beef stew and I enjoy eating this in the morning. Advertisements

This was one of my breakfasts during Thanksgiving break: bacon, egg and beans. Alot of the days I over slept and would have a bagel or heat up some of the left overs in the fridge.

Ian and breakfast at home do not exist usually. When I wake up before 10am, it is usually something to tide me over until lunch time. In this case, my morning snack was a sad version of Pop Tarts and some Corn Pops.

As you can see my breakfasts are very similar.  But to be honest I am never very hungry when I wake up every morning and I really like to keep my breakfasts very simple, light, and healthy.  I’m not big on pancakes or waffles or eggs or anything that is really heavy in the morning […]

I usually eat Cheerios or other cereal at home for breakfast too.  One day over the weekend, however, my mom made cinnamon twists. I also had an apple and glass of water.

This is the breakfast I eat on a daily basis, no exceptions. It contains fruity pebbles cereal and 2% milk.