College-student-eating: at home and at school

Okay, now I am carving out a space for current students as my experiment in blogging continues—Thanksgiving meals have been digested and leftovers hopefully consumed…what were your breakfasts like this weekend? How does it compare to your usual breakfast at the beginning of the Fall term? I am asking my present students in Anthropology of Food and Culture to post TWO pictures: one of the typical breakfast from last September’s class blog , and a completely new one from this holiday weekend. Okay, maybe you never got up early enough to eat breakfast, if so, then  make adjustsments where needed, such as your first-meal-that-day-even-if-it-was-4-pm. But do tell us about what we are seeing and why you chose to post it. (I guess copying and pasting is a fairly low-tech way to do this although the little icon of a picture frame right after the “Add media” toolbar that appears when you are in editing or writing a post should do the trick.) Let me give it a go with my old breakfast posted in blackboard, spread out on my parents’ old round dining table in Manila when I visited in 2006:

Almusal (Breakfast)

Almusal (Breakfast)


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